Unity Through Community

Thanks for stopping by to check out "The Foreman and Team" from my community. "Unity Through Community" is a statement I live by during this construction process in Ghana. Not only is the African Diaspora repatriating and investing. We must keep the indigenous community in mind. I encourage myself and anyone who listens to add the indigenous community into your plans. I could not have accomplished any of what you see in the above videos without my community. By forming a Networking Team that includes a construction team, when you contract them you are bringing income to the community.

"Unity Through Community"!!!

Buying land in Ghana is challenging without the correct affiliations. Building in Ghana is more challenging without the correct affiliations. In visiting Ghana four times within two years, I have experienced the good, the bad, and the ugly. My ignorance as a foreigner has been taken advantage of and money wasted on several accounts. Fortunately, through these situations I have formed a networking group with proven land consultants and builders. For a one-time fee of 100 USD, I will introduce you to The Foreman and Team. You will be one step closer to your estimate and one step closer to building.